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You are competing in a hypercompetitive environment created by the open market economy. The development of your small or medium enterprise can be a very complicated process. Openness of the economy creates new opportunities, but frequently changing legislation and unpredictable economic trends create new challenges for you. GSMEA is like a powerful partner, advocating on behalf of your business interests, helping you communicate with those that need to hear your voice, and getting you the information you need.  Through advocacy, information, and communication, GSMEA supports the growth of private sector competitiveness and productivity. It is businesses like yours that create jobs, prosperity and improve living standards in Georgia.  GSMEA is here to help you succeed.


Advocacy Function

Your voice is heard through GSMEA by politicians and government executives, to help make sure that the laws, orders, and regulations they create are helpful and not harmful to entrepreneurs. And through GSMEA we help you understand what you need to do to comply with new laws and regulations. GSMEA will listen to you, analyze new laws and regulations to understand their impact on your business, and will create recommendations to help bring about positive change. We are urging the national government to adopt a new tax scheme that will be more realistic and affordable for small and medium businesses, working to create government-based incentives for entrepreneurs.


Effective Communication

Working together through GSMEA you have a more powerful, efficient, collective voice than a single small or medium enterprise can have working alone, to communicate with state agencies, financial institutions or international organizations. And the association brings potential new partners, potential investors, and suppliers together through forums, conferences, exhibitions. We think that connecting business-to-business is especially valuable for the thriving small firms.


Better Qualification

Through GSMEA you will learn the important skills you need to succeed in your business – personnel management, budgeting and financial management, how to write powerful proposals, how to organize your marketing efforts, and so much more. GSMEA contributes to the development of more and more firms through trainings, seminars and qualification courses. Particular attention is paid to the initiatives of women and young people as they get started in building their own businesses.


 Consulting Services

If you need help in improving your start-up operations, or have questions on tax or legal issues, on preparing a business plan or getting financing - GSMEA will introduce you to expert consultants and international partners and to your fellow members in other companies who have already succeeded in doing what you are trying to do.


Access to the Information

You need timely information on the current economic developments, legislation amendments or new regulations. GSMEA is there to make sure you get it.  You will also get information from GSMEA about innovations in your industry, and products and services that can help you operate more efficiently, from both Georgia and abroad.


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